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Whisper Episode 1-17 Completed (2017)

Shin Young-Joo (Lee Bo-Young) is a female detective with charisma and Lee Dong-Joon is a righteous judge. They uncover corruption at the nations biggest law firm Taebaek.

Director: Lee Myung-Woo

Writers: Park Kyung-Soo

Stars: Lee Bo-Young, Lee Sang-Yoon, Kwon Yool

The Priests (2015)

The young girl Young-shin seems to be possessed by demon and Father Kim and Deacon Choi are about to investigate the case. But to save the life of

The Man in the Mask Completed (2015)

During the day, Ha Dae-Cheol is a righteous prosecutor, but at night he wears a mask and seeks to punish those that the law could not. Yoo Min-Hee is

Maze Secret Love (2015)

Dong-hyeon and Yong-joon coincidentally meet at an acting audition. A strange gentleman appears in front of the both of them who are sick of failing

The Gifted Hands (2013)

A little girl is kidnapped and murdered in the jurisdiction of gang buster detective Yang Chun-dong, who fights against the gangs for three years

Rough Play (2013)

Rough Play displays the life of Oh Young (Lee Joon), an young cocky actor who plays a lead part on a small play. He constantly goes off script and

Romance Joe (2011)

Popular actress Woo Joo-Hyun committed suicide, while Romance Joe worked on the set as an assistant director. Romance Joe hears of Woo Joo-Hyun's